Why People Cheat and Why You Shouldn't

Posted by Argie Monroy On Dec 20, 2011 1 comments
Not long ago, we have our examination period and it was one of the most stressful moment of my life. In fact, I haven't been prepared that day and my mind was still boggling how could I be able to answer most of the questions which could come forth in the examination itself. Shortly after the exams commenced, I've spotted this classmate of mind busy looking down on his palm whilst the instructor is looking to the other side. Well, all I knew that time was, that guy was cheating. As what we know it, cheating is invariably wrong no matter what. Asking a question "why cheating is wrong?" could be quite silly but still, most people are into it. And since others could see that they could benefit by cheating, the rest would then follow believing that same thought as well.

Now why do people cheat?

There are indeed several reasons why people cheat, and the majority of these individuals are students. Particularly, the reasons why a student cheat can be broken down to the following:

1. Everybody does it

Because nearly everybody in the class cheat, then a student would then be drawn into cheating. Sometimes, cheating for them could give them a feeling of not being alone but instead, of being in the crowd. Statistically, almost 80-90% of the students taking up an examination, cheat. And even though they know it's wrong, still they easily get into it.

2. It is an easy way out

We have to face the sad truth. Only a few students would care to study their lessons every night, and even fewer would care to do so during exams. It is because they tend to believe that by cheating, they are making an easy way out just as long as they don't get caught. It might be true but there are some inevitable instances when adverse effects could occur instead. Seemingly, almost 90% of those who cheat have never been caught doing so and due to that, they keep repeating the same mistake over and over again.

3. Lack of time to study

Some students who cheat are those who have been deprived or have been lacking their study time. Since they didn't have enough time to study their lessons and keep them fresh in their minds,  they resort to cheating. Also, factors as lack of skill, poor stress management, poor time management and poor comprehension of the subject are those that follow.

Why you should not cheat?

Because it is terribly wrong. But there's more than just that! If you cheat, it means you are throwing away the self-confidence you have in you. Also, take into account that you can't hide forever to cheating. Time and time will come that you will be caught in the act of cheating, and you will have to bear the consequences it could give you. If you go on cheating, you will never succeed in life. Cheating is only for the foolish, and you don't want to be one of them - unless you want to be. Remember: if you cheat, you are cheating yourself. This quote by Sophocles will tell you:
I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating.


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