The Good Side of Procrastination and How Can It Help You

Posted by Argie Monroy On Dec 22, 2011 2 comments
procrastinating man
Before I wrote down this post, I have been thinking to myself, "Should I finish it now or should I put it aside and finish it the other day?" Well, I myself, am procrastinating. I have read several journals and have heard a lot of people talking that procrastination is really a bad thing, a very very bad one. It leaves their work undone, their tasks unfulfilled, and their goals not reached. Mostly, they have been giving people tips as to how to deal with procrastination and to completely cure it. This notion, as what I see to it, is almost impossible to fulfill. You may not agree with me, but we all are procrastinators. But in this posting, I will share to you not the bad sides of procrastination and how to cure it. Instead, I will share to you that procrastination has its own good side and how we could take full advantage of it. So let me tell you something good with procrastination by breaking them down into the following reasons why, procrastination is good.

1. You could reduce your stress

Firstly, why do procrastination has the ability to reduce stress? Let's face this common example. You have a project at school and you're supposed to submit it a week after. If  you procrastinate, you could be able to save almost a week of stress doing that project all week long. Why not arrange your life for something fun during the other days of the week and instead of worrying your project all week long, why not put them into one whole night and work on it instead? With this, you could reduce all those seven days of stress into just one night!

2. It helps in improving your health

Procrastinating could indeed save you from the burden of lack of rest and of physical and emotional wellness. We all know that sleep and adequate rest is truly beneficial to our health. Why finish doing your work on a late night when you can still have time for it the other day? Particularly, you could feel more revitalized doing it once you've taken enough rest. Is that thing you're doing could save your life? I think not. So, get your rest now. Procrastinate!

3. Make proper use of your time

I've heard a lot of individuals whining about the lack of time they have in their lives. I don't think time is lacking. A single day is still 24 hours no matter what! They're just saying such because they are too busy on their tasks which leave them a little or no opportunity at all to spend their time with the things they like. By way of procrastination, you will be able to give yourself more time. Truth is, no one really dies in the deathbed wishing that their mirrors or rooms were spotlessly clean.

4. Give yourself more chance to enjoy life

Life is indeed too short. So while we can, we must live it to the fullest and get the most enjoyment out of it. Don't worry too much about your deadlines. You can't bring them with you when you would be lying in the hospital bed due to your efforts just to finish it up. Give a little more time to yourself, give a little time to procrastinate.

Now that you've finished reading this one, I guess you would be convinced that procrastination indeed has its own good side as well. Sometimes, we are just to focused on a single portion and tend to overlook the other side of the fence. Procrastination is indeed bad, but sometimes it is good. As what my coach told me:
There is inherent good and bad in everything.
Hear hear! So, how about you share some of your thoughts about the good side of procrastination? Should you really apply them to your own life? Just put in some comments in the box. I would love to hear something from you.


Anncash16 said...

I agree with your number one statement. Sometimes we tend to do more things when we are running out of time. The result is we only feel the high pressure once and this saves us more time and energy.

Jim Docking said...

Hi Argie, Thanks for your article. When I was reading I thought of a saying of Dr. Phil McGraw, "Every thing is like a pancake, it doesn't matter how flat it is there are always two sides." You have shown us the other side to procrastination.Great.Regards Jim Docking.

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