Should We Be Afraid to Fail?

Posted by Argie Monroy On Dec 19, 2011 1 comments
FailureFailure is one of the things which a lot of people are afraid to commit. For most, experiencing a failure is one great mistake they have committed which can never be corrected again. And for that reason, a lot of people would afraid this thing called failure. We've all heard a lot of stories and quotes about failures and how to overcome them and use them instead as an advantage. Among the most inspiring one is that of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first ever electric light bulb and many other things. If you've read his story, you can see to it that Edison himself failed more than ten thousand times just to perfect his first invention! That's why one quote goes saying. "Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before perfecting his first invention. An average person would quit for the first try or two. That's why there are a lot of average person; and only one Edison".

I am not saying that you try to be like Edison by failing a thousand times over and over again. It just means that you have to do your best to never give up once you experience failure. To tell you, going through a failure is okay. In what sense? Failures themselves are created to make us strong and well-rounded persons in the long run. Remember that a diamond will never be polished unless it undergo several processes itself. In short, failures are what polishes us. We must learn to take this into account.

How could we overcome our failures?

It is okay to fail, but we must learn from it. If ever you get low grades in your examinations, then try to do your best during the next one. There's always a second chance for everything. If you fail, know what makes you so. If you believe you didn't studied well, then do your best to study for the next examination period. However, never ever try to cheat during your exams. If you don't want to fail the second time, try not to do such things but instead, make yourself clean from such. You don't want to end up feeling a sense of guilt in you once you've cheated in the test. And if ever you have been caught doing so, it might end up worst than you could ever imagine.

By changing your ways and learning from your mistakes, you can steer clear of the failures to come in the near end. But if ever another one comes in, always remember to never lose hope. Instead, take as a challenge in making yourself do better. Take Edison's word for it!

Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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