Know What your Purpose in Life Is

Posted by Argie Monroy On Dec 26, 2011 3 comments
purpose in life
We all have a purpose why we exist on this planet. We may not know it yet, but time will come and tell you what you're supposed to be, where you has to be, and what your purpose is. At times, you might feel like you got no purpose at all. Like you are a total loser, you deserve nothing in life, life wasn't meant for you. Some stuffs like that. To tell you, most people feel this way. Truth is, it is sometimes quite hard to escape from this type of mindset. Some people who have managed to lived their lives on purpose might have to go through such things. I could still remember those days wherein I have felt so low that I almost felt like I've got no purpose with my life. Usually, I get to thinking why have I lived in this planet at all and wished that I wouldn't be here anymore.

I guess no one can escape such thing. As what they've said, "It takes a lot of friction to polish a diamond, and a lot of trials to perfect a man". Talking about a life lived on purpose, how will it be possible for us humans to live life on such thing? How will it be possible to find a purpose in life? And why do we have to live our lives on purpose?

To be able to know what your purpose in life is, you have to take these steps into account.

1. Know more about what your passions are

Don't know what your passions are? Take time to do a self reflection. Take a deep realization of your self. Know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Sort out which things you are more comfortable in doing so and which ones just simply bother you and make a waste of your time. In living a life on purpose, you have to know which things are the ones that will make you more comfortable and could make you happy. Passion is not just all about doing the things you want, but rather it is all about doing the things you want but at the same time, doing the things which make you feel more alive and make others happy as well.

2. Find out which things you love to learn about

You'll never know what your purpose in life is, unless you have your time to learn about the things you love to learn about. It is quite similar to your passion however, this one speaks about those things which are yet to be learnt and to be dealt with. Do you love to know more about cooking? Fishing? Or perhaps scuba diving? They might not be your passion, but if you are eager enough to learn them, then you'll certainly find your purpose in life.

3. Accept criticisms and learn to deal with them

As the quote goes on saying, "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things." Yes! Criticism in indeed one of the best means to find out why you are here in this world. Do people throw negative compliments on you? Have you been criticized by someone because of your lack of talent in a certain sport? Well, perhaps that might not be something that's meant for you. But it doesn't mean you have to stop pursuing any other things. If you're not really good at cooking and people say negative things about how you cook, then try to improve them. But if you can find it just hard, then why not try baking instead? I've remembered being a debater in our college and no matter how hard I've tried to speak well, I still didn't fit in. But that doesn't bother me though. There are a lot of things to do in life. Some just aren't meant for you.

So, what would you do then if you find out your purpose in life? Well, it might take quite some time, but as soon as you find out what your purpose is, you simply have to stick to it and live life to the fullest! However, you have to be patient and don't rush in when deciding to figure out what your purpose is. You don't want to end up in regrets after falling to the wrong choice. So, sit down, relax, take a deep breath, and then start thinking now.


Jason Scott said...

Good post. You could also ask yourself what it is you would do for free, or what you would walk through the pouring rain for. Those are the things that you have a real passion for. Pursue those things if you want to be happy.

Ethel, In The Living Spirit! said...

Good advice. Thanks for your post and have a prosperous New Year.

Jack said...

We find passion in new thing only if we have the courage to venture into it. When passion dies out, it's time to learn new things.

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