Why You Have to be an Early Bird and Wake Up Early

Posted by Argie Monroy On Feb 9, 2012 Comments
waking up earlyWaking up early is one of the common problems individuals faced every morning of the day. While it's true that we have to get up to 8 hours of sleep each day, we have to take note that it is not advisable to stay up late in the night and wake up late the other day. In fact, being an early riser and waking up early in the morning entails a lot of good benefits for anyone to have. Even though only a few person find it great to wake up as early as they can, some of them actually decided for it to be part of their lifestyles. Waking up early puts the early riser to such heights of advantages as opposed to those who wake up late. While it is true that we sometimes find it hard to get out of bed while it's still quite foggy in the outside, we should have to try ourselves doing so and reap the benefits from it. What would be those benefits by the way?

Listed below are the benefits that you could actually reap from waking up early. Actually, I have been able to do so, and I guess it's your turn to carry out as well.

Have enough time to exercise

Exercise is to the body as reading is to the mind. We all know that exercise is essential to the body. It makes the body firm, improves the overall immunity as well as prevent us from getting easily exhausted all the time. While you may found out exercise right after work to be a great thing, exercise early in the morning could be even a greater one since this will flex your muscles up and gets you ready to the end of the day.

Be more productive either at work or school

By being an early riser, you could be able to be more productive while at work or even at school. Studies have shown that those who woke up early and have enough time of sleep have been able to complete their tasks quickly and effectively and for students, have been able to acquire higher grades. Also, you can do a lot more things than you can when you wake up late, obviously. So, if you wake up an hour earlier, then that would mean you could do whatever you might want to do either it be doing your passion and the likes.

Develop a more positive outlook

When you start waking up early, you will see to it that your overall outlook will generally be more positive. This even goes greater when you start waking up with a purpose early in the morning. By having a habit of waking up early in bed, you could actually notice a positive shift with your attitude as well as your outlook in life.

Boost your self-confidence

You might not know it, but waking up early boosts your self-confidence until the end of day. It might be that the earlier you wake up, the more prepared you are for the things to come your way throughout the rest of the day. This will actually give a boost to your confidence which usually comes up once you have the habit of waking up early.

Benefits of what an early bird usually gets

Being an early bird opens you to a lot of great benefits which starts from beating your way out of traffic early in the morning up to having the time to focus on your studies or work at the same time. Of course, you could also get to have your breakfast in an easy way. This is because most of the people who wake up late forget to have their breakfast which usually pays until the middle of the day.

Usually, we find ourselves in a fast paced world by which it could be quite hard for us to develop the habit of waking up early. However, as soon as you have got it within you, you will surely be amazed with all the benefits you could get. I usually have the habit of waking up late before, but I found it real disadvantageous as there are a lot of things I've missed whenever I do so. But now, I've finally managed to get of the late rising hook and eventually shifted to being an early riser - with added benefits of course.

So, what are you waiting for? Start waking up early and reap the benefits of an early bird - with the worm.