Finding Your Way Up when You were Down

Posted by Argie Monroy On Jun 10, 2012 Comments
feeling down
Life is not always a bed of roses. It may give you the spotlight at one time, but it doesn't mean it'll always be there. While it is true that there are those people who were born with a silver spoon, believe me, they are also suffering from the hard times. You can have all the luxuries in the world - money, fame or stardom, but there will always be those things which exist to bring you down and test your will. However, this doesn't mean that you have to give in and keep yourself subdued by the grim reality of life. You need not live yourself in the rot - there is something you can do.

There's always a way up

Finding yourself down doesn't mean you have to keep yourself there. Don't let the feeling of being down completely consume you. You have that power deep within you that'll help you in dealing with all the feelings of being down. Take this personal experience of mine in account:

I'm not rich nor a famous individual. But I've certainly received some awards way back in my high school years. I've been through a lot of interschool contests, quiz bee, spelling bee, essay writing and any other literary skills competition, and fate on my side, I won. However, there came that time when I have to give up the winning spot, and this eventually triggered my ego and personality. At first, I would admit that I've been affected that much it brought me down. I just can't accept the fact that I've been defeated and felt like there's no hope of me winning again.

It lasted for several days, the feeling of being down continued to reside deep within me, then I suddenly realized one thing. If I keep on going with this feeling with me, then there'd be no chance for me to win again. Then for goodness sake, I've managed to constrain the feeling of being down and put my way back up again.

So what's my secret?

Actually, there is no secret. It just takes the right amount of courage to accept reality and enough strength to move on along the way. This particular experience mainly taught me three things:

1. You just got to accept the reality - even if things turned out worse than you've expected

What's done is done. You can never rewind the things that happened, and the best way to deal with them is through acceptance instead. If things aren't done right, then tell yourself that perhaps now is not the right time for you. Learn to accept what the reality is showing you, no matter how good or bad it may be. This will help you in understanding more about your situation and will eventually helps you focus on your next step.

2. Life isn't all about winning

The wheel of fate is constantly spinning. You can't always win, that's what life is made of. It is bound by the perfect balance that holds the equality in life. Just because you're successful now doesn't mean you can't meet some roadblocks and impediments along the way. And just because you're all wrecked up now doesn't mean your life can't get any better.

3. Keep moving forward

Don't keep yourself stuck up if you find yourself down. Life is a journey, keep moving forward. Look at the horizon and seek what life has to offer you beyond that. Get back straight, strap up, eyes to your goals and get back on your journey.

It's not really easy finding your way up when you were down, but it's not impossible either. By simply keeping a positive mindset, courage and determination, and the right pinch of perseverance, getting back up again can be achieved. And always remember, we have been giving feet to stand up and walk, so why keep yourself down?